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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Is Art A Luxury?

A question posted by Scoutie Girl here:
that made me ponder the definition of "art" and weather all things that fall into the category of art (as I define it) should be considered a luxury.

Let's start with the definition of ART! To me Art doesn't have to be something tangible like the scrap of paper that my toddler hands me with her lovely scribbles, though I do consider her carefully made pictures "abstract" art! Art can be an idea, words, or something with physical mass like a painting or sculpture. To me, art can be a carefully considered compliment given to someone who truly deserves it. Art can evoke a spectrum of emotions, and is a part of our lives every day in so many forms.

So, do I think that Art is a luxury? Yes, I do! But, it is a luxury that can be afforded by many... all you have to do is look around, appreciate the beauty in nature, in your realationships, and in the creativity of your friends or self! You may find that you are blessed with a lion's share of Art in it's purest forms :)

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