Etsy Mini

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Express Yourself

I am addicted to Treasuries, can't help it, I have to express myself! Respiratory issues have me temporarily separated from my sewing machine, so I have turned to "art appreciation" the Etsy way. Check out my treasuries and make one of your own!

Sweet Velvet Bliss - Dreaming of cashmere, soft pretty scents, flocked foil wallpaper, pink icing, and flushed cheeks.

SubLyme - An unexpected (and posh) twist on citrus.

Newsy Bluesy - 1 part news + 1 part blues, add a dash of journal, a pinch of text, and dip in ink (if you're feeling saucy)

P.S. - Couldn't help making another! Enchanted Woodland Wedding - Amid the sound of flutes, glow of fireflies, scent of moss and dew, a game of hide and seek between the trees... deep in the forest, love is in the aire.