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Monday, July 12, 2010

Paper Cuts!

Ever since I was a little girl, coloring has been a passion. I was the kid that went to recess late because I couldn't just stay inside the lines, I had to make a statement. I filled that empty space with rainbow stripes or polka dots. I still love to color, and Bitty (like her mother) is a coloring fool.

So you can imagine how excited we were to find's printable, ready-to-color paper dolls! I couldn't remember having this much fun coloring since my sister and I last played with our "Kimberly Cut-Outs." For the very reasonable price of 2.50$ US, I purchased the PDF file and printed out a stack of dolls, hairstyles, and clothes. Bitty filled hers in with crayon, but I swiped her watercolor set and painted mine, yay!

If you aren't the coloring type, there are two additional styles of full color printable paper dolls available in the shop. Just print, cut & play, they are priced very reasonably as well. And stay tuned to see how Bitty's PaperGlitter Princess Party turns out!